Amazon Kindle Fire HD Standing Polyurethane Origami Case (will only fit 3rd generation), Purple


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Product Description

“Along with the Kindle Fire HDX’s new design comes a brand-new case that offers a pretty neat trick: the ability to fold, origami-style into a stand that can be used in portrait or landscape mode. I liked this quite a bit.” — Mashable

“The Origami case gives you a viewing stand for your Fire you can take with you everywhere…Definitely recommended for the full experience.” — Engadget

“New Origami covers feature an innovative design that allows you to position Fire HDX in both portrait and landscape.” — GigaOM

Amazon Kindle Origami Case

Better Together

Slim, form-fitting cases designed by Amazon to perfectly fit your Kindle Fire HD and provide full front and back protection. The case easily and securely attaches to your tablet while an integrated magnetic closure ensures your case stays shut while on the go.

This innovative case automatically puts your Kindle Fire HD to sleep when it is closed and wakes your device upon opening, saving battery life while making it easy to jump back into your apps, games, movies, books, and more.

Crafted from durable polyurethane and color-matched microfiber interior, your case protects your tablet and keeps your screen clean.

Hands-Free Viewing

Whether you are browsing the web at home, enjoying a movie on the plane, or working while on the go, our integrated Origami case stands your device in either landscape or portrait orientation so you can enjoy your content hands-free. The magnetized Origami panels keep your Kindle Fire HD securely upright for steady viewing.

Kindle Cover Colors


Designed by Amazon to perfectly fit your Kindle Fire HD
Innovative built-in Origami stand folds into landscape or portrait orientation for hands-free viewing
Full-coverage case features a secure magnetic closure to preserve battery life with automatic wake and sleep
Available in vibrant polyurethane with a microfiber interior to protect your screen and keep it clean


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