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Now what? Life without our daily walking tours

I’m writing this post from my living room. I’m wearing what my husband calls my smartypants outfit which is basically the clothes that you love to wear at home but would never be caught dead in outside of the house. He calls it smartypants outfit because this is what I would wear for days ...


How dark does it get in Iceland in winter?

By now you should know how things work over here: If I get asked a question often enough it will end up as a blog post sooner or later. Mostly because it’s obvious that people are looking for the answer and not finding it so making it available seems like a good and sensible thing to do but ...


Sometimes even Rick Steves gets it wrong

I have a confession to make. Until one of his writers contacted me and asked if he could join my walking tour to review it for an upcoming guidebook he was writing, I had no idea who Rick Steves was. I didn’t even know he existed. When I first started writing this blog I read every guidebook ...


Should I do the Golden Circle or the South Coast?

…what to see and what to miss in Iceland A lot of people find planning their trip to Iceland overwhelming. There’s so much information about what to see and do all over the internet and all these different recommendations often do more to confuse than help: Do this, don’t do that and make ...